Question: I think that heroes are imbalance Mobile Legends

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Answer: Since the very beginning, we have been considering how to bring the most excellent battles to players. After the game was released, we have made a lot of adjustment for the game, including changing the jungle and minions deployment, adjusting monsters’ HP and attack, heroes’ movement speed and etc. And we gladly found that the rhythm of the game became better and better. 

The game is no longer like the first several versions, in which one man can save the whole world, or sec-kill at the first sight. Now players need to cooperate with each other to gank in the early game, rally to push lines together in the mid game, and in the late game, players need to find a good timing to launch the team fights to lay a solid foundation for success. 

When we were making those adjustment, we also found out some problems still existing in our game, such as the rhythm of team fights in the late game is too fast: once one side of teams who gets advantages on farming and offense together first, then the team fight will end shortly after. Thus, first offensive move has become too important, resulting in that it’s barely possible to make a comeback.

Therefore, in future update in the new season, we will make a sizable adjustment to remain the gaming rhythm in the early game but slower down it in the late game, in order to improve game’s fault tolerance and strategic importance of team fights. We will consider to make changes from following aspects:

a. Adjusting the coefficients of heroes’ skills and cooldown and basic damage of some area-of-effect skills to prolong the late-game team fights.
b. Adjusting the cooldown of crowd control skills to make timing choosing more important.
c. Adjusting the visual range of heroes and minions to improve early-game gank.
d. Adjusting stats of super minions to slow down their line-pushing rhythm, which will allow the disadvantage team to have chances to fight back.

The adjustments may be involved with all heroes and some basic battleground mechanism, thus we will pay close attention to any changes on battle performance after the update. In the meanwhile, we also hope to receive more feedback from you thus to further improve ML. Thank you very much for your support to ML.

Question: What is MMR?
Answer: MMR (Match Making Rating): In the ranked game, if you use a certain hero for more times and get a higher win rate, the hero’s MMR will become higher, as well as its ranking. We will add note on MMR ranking page to give players a better understanding of it.

Question: I could like to ask for more BP and more different event for earn more BP.
Answer: We will add new coin in the game, then you can buy part of product with. And also we are always creating different tasks to give you more BP and other attributes. Hope you can enjoying!
Your voices and feedbacks in Facebook, Customer Service and other communities are very important to #MobileLegends developers. So keep give us your suggestion, together we’ll make the game better!
Written by Jepara Update
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